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On 9 December, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) hosted the annual International Support Group 2022 plenary meeting with the theme: ‘Food system transformation towards transparency, responsibility and sustainability’

AdobeStock 43417990During the plenary session, FAO experts shared the practices and experiences on global food system. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The meeting, co-chaired by Le Minh Hoan, the MARD and FAO representative in Vietnam Rémi Nono Womdim, saw international partners join ministry departments and representatives from 63 provinces to exchange and share policy outlooks and prioritise areas to maximise coordination of resources to elevate the sustainable development of Vietnam's agriculture sector.

The main objectives of the meeting were to hold consultations on the final draft of the National Action Plan for Vietnam Food System Transformation towards Transparency, Responsibility and Sustainability by 2030 as well as call on international partners to continue supporting MARD to realise green and sustainable agricultural development.

While the country’s agricultural sector took key steps in 2022 to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it still faces great challenges, especially due to the impacts of climate change. During the plenary session, FAO experts also shared the practices and experiences on the global food system.

“The vision for sustainable agrifood systems is that of a world in which food is nutritious and accessible for everyone and natural resources are managed in a way that maintains ecosystem functions to support current as well as future human needs,” said Rémi Nono Womdim. “We believe farmers, fishers, foresters and other rural dwellers should have the opportunity to actively participate in, and benefit from, economic development, have decent employment condition and work in a fair price environment.’’