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Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CPF) has announced that it has unveiled ‘MEAT ZERO’, a plant-based meat that is manufactured to feel, taste, and appear like real meat thanks to ‘PLANT-TEC’ innovation

AdobeStock 434087245MEAT ZERO will simultaneously penetrate markets in Asia, Europe and the US. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The new product, expected to appeal to health-conscious consumers, is affordable and available as ready-to-cook material and a ready-to-eat menu through 7-Eleven and modern trade outlets across Thailand. 

Under the goal to attain the top alternative meat brand in Asia within 2022 and the world’s top three within 2026, ‘MEAT ZERO’ will simultaneously penetrate markets in Asia, Europe and the US, taking advantage of CPF’s customer base worldwide.

Prasit Boondoungprasert, CEO of CPF, said, “MEAT ZER0 is as tasty as real meat and consumers are barely able to tell if they are eating plants or real meats thanks to the outstanding achievement of CPF RD Centre which has worked closely with the world’s leading research houses. We’re proud of this innovation and confident that our product will be warmly received by consumers in Thailand and overseas.”

“Consumers have become more health-conscious. Some opt to control food intakes while others are losing weight. Some avoid meats on birthdays. Others turn to veggie food when they can, better known as flexitarians. Demand for meatless food options has consequently been skyrocketing. However, the options are pricey and quite difficult to find. MEAT ZERO is the answer. It is accessible in terms of pricing and marketing channels. We expect to achieve US$32mn revenue within the next few years,” Prasit concluded.