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Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition has formed a partnership with Evonik, one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals

AdobeStock 267678687The first product from the partnership is set to launch in Europe during Q1 2023. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Evonik plans to launch a first product from the partnership – a phytogenic solution developed by Dr. Eckel – in Europe during Q1 2023.

Phytogenics are plant-based feed ingredients which play an important role in sustainable solutions for livestock farming. Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition is one of the world’s leading companies in the sector with a specific focus on animal welfare, developing products that make animal nutrition more resource-efficient, climate-friendly and healthy.

“As a dynamic company with a high pace in product development, we are able to create innovations in a comparatively short period of time,” said Dr. Antje Eckel, founder of Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition. “With a strong partner like Evonik, we can allow selected products to access a much wider market in a short time. We are therefore very happy that together with Evonik we can open up new target groups and customers.”

Evonik Gut Health Solutions focus primarily on stabilising the gut health of animals through probiotics such as Ecobiol, Fecinor, and GutCare. The partnership with Dr. Eckel will allow Evonik to address further animal health issues with selected products that expand Evonik’s portfolio.