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Danish Pig Academy has announced that it is welcoming six new members that include BM Silo, DanVit, European Protein, Hamlet Protein, Landia and LJM

Danish Pig AcademyDanish Pig Academy is a collaboration of independent Danish companies within equipment and services for pig production. (Image source: Michael Rhodes/Flickr)

Through a joint showroom and network, the members of Danish Pig Academy are set to promote cooperation and strengthen the sale of Danish equipment and services to pig producers worldwide.

Danish Pig Academy’s concept encompasses main areas within pig production such as design, genetics, finances, slurry systems, green environment, housing technology, feeding and grain storage and education and management.

Each member company of Danish Pig Academy has its own individual exhibition space in a common showroom in Herning, Denmark. The showroom will be ready for visitors by the beginning of July 2019. 

Visitors can see modern equipment, receive professional consultancy and learn about the latest in the way of Danish pig production techniques.