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Hamlet Protein, a multinational producer of soy-based protein ingredients for young animals, has co-hosted a technical seminar in Guangzhou (China) together with USSEC and Vland

Hamlet Protein team at technical seminar 1Hamlet Protein produces soy-based protein ingredients for young piglet, poultry and cattle feed at two production plants in Denmark and the US. (Image source: Hamlet Protein)

The seminar focused on how to prepare for the expected ban on antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) and the use of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) in animal diets in China.

The Chinese government has announced its intention to eliminate the use of antibiotics in livestock feed by 2020. The implementation of this new policy will directly impact the feed industry. As producers are looking to improve on feeding, health and livestock farming practices, there is a clear desire to understand how the feed industry in other countries has addressed these challenges. In a series of presentations and panel discussions industry professionals and consultants engaged with attendees to discuss possible solutions.

Dr Yu Feng, regional director Asia for Hamlet Protein, said, “Interacting with industry professionals at these kind of events is very important for us, as it allows to better understand the challenges our industry faces and how we can jointly work towards providing alternatives for long-standing practices without compromising the quality or profitability of the production process. We were very happy to welcome technical management from industry-leading companies such as Haid, Wens, Contifeed, TRS, Jiahe, and Zhengbang amongst others, as they are drivers of change in the Chinese market.”

Prof Georg Dusel from Bingen University presented on “The new challenges in pig nutrition - a practical approach in formulation diets for piglets and sows”.

Sharing detailed trial data, he concluded that choosing a high SID protein source is essential in implementing low-protein diets as well as reducing oxidative stress in piglets.

Lars Andersen, Hamlet Protein nutritionist from Denmark, talked about the formulation of piglet feed under the restrictions of antibiotic and ZnO use.

He presented various trial results to show how careful selection of the protein sources in the piglet diets can have a huge impact on formulating diets without AGP and ZnO. “In Europe, we have been working with a restriction on AGP use for many years and are currently facing the ban on ZnO as well. At Hamlet Protein we have developed a range of products that can provide practical solutions when formulating diets with these restrictions.”