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The chairman of Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA), Minister Chen Chi-chung, announced that Taiwan is on track to be declared a swine flu-free nation by 2024, and to become the first Asian nation to eradicate swine flu

AdobeStock 238236035Pigs bred for meat in Taiwan will no longer need to be vaccinated against swine flu. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Pigs bred for meat in Taiwan no longer need to be vaccinated against swine flu. The COA also plans to suspend all vaccination programmes for breeding pigs by July 2023.

If successful, Taiwan can apply to the World Organisation of Animal Health (WOAH) for international recognition as a country free of swine flu. The recognition will open more markets for Taiwan’s pork products to be sold across the world.

Chen confirmed there have been no confirmed domestic cases of swine flu in Taiwan since 2016. Since swine flu vaccinations will no longer be necessary for breeders, the overall cost of raising pigs will also be reduced, which, along with access to larger markets, will provide further stimulus for the pork industry.