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Fujitsu Limited and FPT Corporation have established a factory in Hanoi that showcases Akisai, a smart agriculture solution 

AkisaifarmThe greenhouse cultivation zone at the farm in Hanoi. (Image source: Fujitsu)

Akisai will leverage smart solutions for the purpose of agricultural productivity in Vietnam, born as a result of Fujitsu’s and FPT Corporation’s 2014 collaboration to implement smart agriculture in Vietnam. 

Based on a new business model comprising a network of agricultural producers, distributors, food processors, local governments, academic institutions, machinery and materials suppliers, two production facilities will be set up in Hanoi. The two facilities will implement trial cultivation for high value-added vegetables, including tomatoes and low-potassium leaf lettuce. 

Trial cultivation has already begun, confirmed Fujitsu, while the showcase will be opened on 24 February 2016. Fujitsu and FPT Corporation is expected to use the showcase to promote smart agriculture locally, as well as integrate Vietnamese companies and the government to further the environmentally-responsible growth of Vietnam’s agriculture industry. 

The special features of the 402 sqm Akisai farm and vegetable factory showcase are to implement ICT-based smart agriculture and develop an area for Japanese and Vietnamese agriculture to co-create.

Through the ICT-based smart agriculture plan, Akisai’s Greenhouse Horticulture SaaS service will be used to gather real-time information to control factors within the facility such as curtains and fans. In addition, the Imec Film Farming, being implemented in Japan, will be combined with the SaaS service to cultivate medium-sized tomatoes. This comprises a farming plan under greenhouse cultivation. 

Meanwhile, vegetable factory cultivation will make use of available data such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, nutrient liquid temperature and electrical conductivity, usually collected through a range of sensors installed in the factory, to show how low-potassium leaf lettuce is grown.