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South Africa-based Technical Systems, a leading poultry and pig feeding systems manufacturer, has developed an innovative Corner Unit for hard wearing and trouble-free direction changes in the chain feeding system.
The 90 degree Corner Unit has a solid housing with a heat treated guide rail and self-lubricating synthetic bush, to ensure maintenance-free, smooth operation, even at high speeds, according to the company.
The flexible Fatiqless Auger model, launched recently, has proved itself in stringent oscillator tests and results over the last two years have been positive. This Auger is also treated with a surface oxidation resistant oil finish, and is available world-wide through network of warehouses.
“This is not the first time the company has shown its enterprising capabilities.  With the addition of chromium, molybdenum and manganese to its base material it has changed the content of flat feeder chain to such an extent that it has set a standard for the industry.  In addition, by conducting in-house the processes of heat treatment and wire flattening, product integrity and consistency can be maintained, and equipment manufactured according to specific needs,” said Alberto Louw Strategic Business Development Director, Technical Systems.
“Due to market demand, Technical Systems is also considering manufacturing longer lengths of auger (1 000m plus), the current maximum length being 150m.  This will enable clients to cut costs by minimising off-cut waste, labour and freight charges.  The company has also addressed environmental issues with the building better extractors and spray booths to reduce fume and gas toxicity and which also provide a more aesthetic paint finish,” Louw added.
A key factor in Technical Systems’ steady growth is its location.  “We are well positioned for easy access to both hemispheres and with warehouse facilities in Brazil, Rotterdam, the US and China we virtually cover the globe.  Technical Systems exports 96 per cent of its volumes to 42 countries on all seven continents.”
The company’s ability to manufacture both flat chain and auger is a notable advantage as it maximizes container space with the auger fitting neatly inside the chain.  The company also supplies flattened wire to competitors overseas.  Nearly half of its product is exported to Europe with South Africa amounting to only three per cent of the market.