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For 2012, CLAAS has introduced three new single rotor rakes and added an additional wider working model to its trailed twin rotor rake range.

CLAAS_Liner_3100.eCLAAS Liner 3100

The new CLAAS Liner 3100 is designed to meet the needs of those who want the wide raking width of a four-rotor rake, but with the compact dimensions of a two-rotor rake for ease of transport.
The new two-rotor Liner 3100 is therefore ideal in this respect and with a working width that can be infinitely adjusted from 8.70m up to 10m, the ability to put four 3.00m swaths into one makes this ideal for those running Quadrant balers or  medium size Jaguar foragers. Each of the rotors incorporates a constantly lubricated hub and is fitted with 14 tine arms that are secured using the Profix quick change system for easy removal for transport or in the event of an arm being damaged.
To ensure accurate ground contour following for a clean finish, each of the rotors has Cardan suspension and is carried on a six-wheel chassis, with the wheels positioned as close to the tines as possible, so that the rotor can quickly adapt to ground undulations. The rotors are mounted so that when they are lifted, they stay parallel to the ground, and the lift height is adjustable up to 90cm.
Individual rotor lifting is available as an option, as is electrohydraulic adjustment of the raking height. For transport, in order to stay below 4.00m, it is necessary to remove just three tine arms, which are then securely carried on the main frame for easy access. In addition, as they are lifted the rotors are dropped hydraulically and secured by a mechanical locking device. In addition, integrated wheel weights are fitted as standard to ensure optimum transport stability and to also allow the Liner 3200 to be transported at up to 50km/h.
For next season, CLAAS will be offering three new single rotor rakes. The new Liner 450, 420 and 370 provide working widths ranging from 3.50m up to 4.50m and are all three-point linkage mounted.