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UK-based equipment manufacturer JCB has launched Fastrac 4000 Series tractors with improved technologies to help farmers with agricultural activities

JWCThe Fastrac 4000 Series tractors come with options to include a roof window, cool box, MP3 player and Bluetooth radio for hands-free mobile phone use. (Image source: JCB)

Richard Fox-Marrs, MD of JCB Agriculture, said, “Compared with the outgoing 2000 Series of tractors, the new tractors are more powerful, economical, stronger and more versatile.”

According to the company, Fastrac 4000 Series is available in three models — Fastrac 4160, Fastrac 4190 and Fastrac 4220. The Fastrac 4160 delivers 160hp at 2100rpm rated speed and 175HP max. The Fastrac 4190 is next with 189hp rated speed and 208HP max. Fastrac 4220 has 217hp rated speed and maximum of 235HP.

Some of the special features include narrow bonnet, side windows with lower windscreen, climate control air conditioning and a comprehensive array of work lights to maintain visibility around the tractor.

”The Fastrac 4000 Series can carry extra 2.5 tonnes of seed or fertiliser, which will have a significant impact on agricultural productivity,” Fox-Marrs added.

Key features include:

— Basic Fastrac features such as multiple implement mounting points, all-round suspension for fast operational speeds, and a high-specification braking system for safety, stability and comfort.

— Four-wheel steering is available with a tight turning circle and selectable steering ratio, and bigger tyres to improve flotation and traction.

— A self-levelling suspension system that maintains correct ride height wherever the machine is mounted.

— A hydraulics system to deliver higher oil flows in an efficient manner with electronic spool valves to provide finger-tip control. It has both timer and flow functions, which is adjustable from within the cab.

— A CVT transmission to provide better acceleration and deceleration, which has selectable modes that will help the operator optimise performance and fuel economy.

— The driver’s seat comes in Standard and Deluxe specification, which can be trimmed in leather and swivels.

Three new Fastrac 4000 Series models will be available, all powered by a 6.6-litre six-cylinder AGCO Power engine that meets latest Euro Stage 4 / US Tier 4 Final exhaust emissions rules using proven, fuel-efficient SCR technology.

Optional additions to the standard specification include four-wheel steering, GPS guidance, a double-acting version of the self-levelling suspension and a comprehensive package of powerful LED worklights. Options for the COMMAND PLUS cab include a roof window, cool box, MP3 player and Bluetooth radio for hands-free mobile phone use, and a deluxe suspension seat.