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The Netherlands-based firm Vostermans Ventilation has launched Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive and Multifan Tube Fan 130 for agricultural applications

FANVostermans Ventilation’s products are used in greenhouse, pork, poultry and dairy industries. (Image source: Vostermans Ventilation)

Vostermans Ventilation manufactures ventilation equipment for agricultural purposes, which include fans, motors, control equipment and fan accessories.

Its products are used in barns and storage buildings for animals to live comfortably. They also remove hazardous gases or high humidity.

The company said that the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive will provide an energy-efficient speed control for fans used for agricultural applications.

“The Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive is durable and easy to operate. The fan’s control is based on a 0-10 volt power input. It can also control speed of three-phase fans as well as single-phase fans,” the statement added.

Key features of Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive:

Energy saving motor control with FAST™ software
Cost-saving especially with minimum ventilation
Automatic calibration of the motor-fan combinations
Applicable in existing and new installations
Installation next to the fan and equipped with ‘Power Factor Control’
Maintenance-free and a longer lifetime of the fans

A company source said that the Multifan Tube Fan 130 was developed because of the growing demand for high capacity ventilation chimneys in the market.

“It is the first belt-driven tube fan of this size. The standard fan is suitable for chimneys of 1.2m in diametre,” added the source.

Key features of Multifan Tube Fan 130:

High performance and high efficiency
IP55 electric motor with a three-year warranty
Designed for harsh environments such as farm buildings
Easy on-site assembly
Automatic v-belt tensioner for long maintenance intervals