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Italy-based Termotecnica Pericoli has launched MDFX, a new gutter system that requires no additional water storage

MDFX Pericoli 1The new MDFX system maintains the same design as the older versions, but with a stainless steel body and more in-buillt water capacity (Image Source: Pericoli)

MDFX contains only one centrifugal pump for each wall. It can be installed either inside or outside the building. The water is distributed from the centre to each corner of the cooling panels, in order to ensure a constant and uniform water flow.

The stainless steel body provides a more resistant structure, especially when compared with the PVC models. The steel provides a better mechanical resistance and durability including resistance to chemical attacks, temperature variations and UV.

The new product maintains the same design as the older model with added depth increasing its capacity for the water required by the system to operate. The central drain system, the centrifugal pump and their related support and protection are at the core of the system.