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Italy’s heating equipment supplier Termotecnica Pericoli’s combiTERM is a new generation air heater, which has been deemed a top-seller by the company

termotecnica combitermTermotecnica Pericoli’s combiTERM being used on a poultry farm. (Image source: TermotecnicaPericoli)

Winters can be a tough environment for livestock if proper precautions are not taken for their protection and safety.

According to Termotecnica Pericoli, the main objective of the appliance is versatility and the machine has been carefully analysed for a wide range of use. The special stainless steel combustion chamber guarantees efficient heat exchange between smoke and clean air released in the surrounding environment.

The wallhousing can be accesorised with removable and replaceable elements, which allow the heater to be transformed from the suspended version to the wheeled or standing one. In addition, different air outlets are also available. The wallhousing design and related accessories guarantees high quality and state-of-the-art performance, ensuring excellent results in term of easy handling, transportation and installation.

The need for maintenance of heating systems
In the last twenty years, various countries and major international organisations have been promulgating legislation and directives whose aim is to discipline the use of energy in order to preserve the environment quality and to contribute to protect the heating systems safety.

Proper maintenance of the installations, if organised on time, allows to face the incoming season with a machine that is not only in its best conditions, but also able to avoid wastage by ensuring energy saving and a resulting reduction in management costs.

The programmed maintenance plan (carried out at least once a year), should include

A complete inspection of the fuel supply system, in order to check possible leaks and, if necessary, to replace all parts that are degraded by the passing of time or by accidents

· A proper cleaning and maintenance of the burner unit.

· For the indirect air heaters, an adequate cleaning of the heat exchanger, paying particular attention to the smoke evacuation side.

· On generators fitted with auxiliary fan with belt, a tension check and, if necessary, the subconsequent regulation.

· A functional test of the generator, in order to verify that the starting and working cycles are conform exactly to the data shown in the user guide.

· A check of the smoke evacuation, and if necessary a measurement of the chimney draft.

· A functioning check of climate controls and safety device.

· A check on the combustion efficiency and the subsequent burner regulation (every two years).

Planned maintenance of the heating system guarantees

· Lower fuel consumption (around 10 per cent less).

· Reduction of environmental pollution (emissions of carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides).

· More security for users.

· Every system, in order to ensure its safety and efficiency, must also be maintained in good operating condition.