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The Netherlands-based Vencomatic Group has introduced a complete packaging solution for the handling and transporting of eggs

ovologicVencomatic's latest egg stacking and transporting solution is called Ovologic. (Image source: Vencomatic Group)

Titled Ovologic, this is a step towards the automated palletising of eggs. The trays, diveders and pallets ensure efficient handling of eggs from farm to the grading/packing station or processing industry.

The company has made use of 100 per cent first quality class virgin plastics in all products, which are also combined with UV-stabilisers, for durability and longevity.

The trays have a smooth surface, combined with custom-designed dividers and pallets. The packaging materials allow for thorough cleaning and disinfection after each usage, reducing risk of contamination. Due to strong structures and solid stacks, there’s minimal possibility of hairline cracks and therefore, the eggs are protected from any shocks and sudden movements.

All products have been developed in collaboration with Prinzen to ensure optimal automated palletising. A perfect and seamless match between the different components combined with low weight, results in easy manual handling.