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‘Global Inspiration | Local Practice’ is the leitmotif of this edition of VIV Europe, a global exhibition and conference programme in the animal protein sector for the production and processing of poultry meat, eggs, red meat, and fish and dairy

VIVEurope2018Attendees will be treated with innovative technologies and excellent networking opportunities at VIV Europe 2022. (Image source: VIV Europe)

Renate Wiendels, senior project manager of VNU Europe, the organiser of VIV Europe, said, “A truly inspirational area located at the show entrance will welcome you onsite with more than 35 innovative agri-food concepts waiting to be discovered and replicated in the world.”

The show serves as the optimal platform for global supply chains while promoting the importance of bringing back farmers to a more central role. The ‘HubOrange! Inspiration Square’ is said to provide practical answers to the increasing consumer demand for sustainable food production.

The Round Egg’ circular concept and the ‘World Food Center’ are examples of innovations that make food supply chains shorter, future-proof and transparent for all stakeholders involved. 

Innovation and technology to lead farmers into the future

Visitors will be presented with 20 Innovations in hall 9, whilst many other exhibitors are expected to reveal numerous cutting-edge products and services at their booths all around the showground. 

The organisers say that this year’s edition presents innovative services and technologies specifically enabling farmers and breeders to improve production, with a focus on the poultry and egg sector. From gender-specific broiler breeder watering systems to automatic farm data collection and precision poultry farming, new pathogen control feed materials, effective lighting recipes systems, and the latest feed ingredients to optimise feed digestibility – these and many more newly released products are aimed at easing day-to-day farm operational challenges. 

Halls packed with animal production solutions

Exhibitors from more than 50 countries are ready to showcase in 52,000 sq m of space, packed with solutions for animal husbandry in halls 7-12 at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, the venue of the show in the Netherlands. Visitors have the chance to meet suppliers and reconnect with business partners face to face is finally coming for all industry players. As always, the show covers the entirety of the ‘Feed to Food’ supply chain, including feed ingredients and additives; animal health and pharmaceuticals; breeding and hatching; farm production; slaughtering and processing of meat, eggs, dairy and fish. 

Ticket holders for VIV Europe will be able to access the co-located VICTAM International show, presented in halls 1 and 2, which is dedicated to feed technology and feed production.

Feed strategies, sustainable animal production, trends and inspiring food concepts 

The VIV Europe conference and seminar programme along with its expert line-up of speakers provides an unparalleled source of professional knowledge as well as a great networking opportunity for all visitors joining onsite. 

The 2022 European Feed Congress – Strategies for future-proof food production – explores how the European animal feed industry and its feed additive suppliers strengthen Europe’s global competitiveness.

The Poultry Marketing Round Table (PMRT) – Europe Edition – speakers, among whom, John Kirkpatrick from Tesco, Nan-Dirk Mulder from Rabobank, and Vincent Guyonnet will discuss how the European industry can reposition itself during a crisis.

Other sessions provide content on all sorts of topics, such as insects as feed, dairy farming, food waste management, contamination prevention in feed supply, automation for fresh poultry packaging, feed extrusion technology for aquaculture, in-ovo sexing, pig gut health, poultry health and nutrition, feed efficiency, and much more.

Safety onsite and travel tips  

“Jaarbeurs organises trade shows, conventions and other events in accordance with the strictest possible safety standards. We are ready to welcome once again the world to the Netherlands for this exciting event, the mother-show of all VIV events worldwide,” said Heiko M Stutzinger, Jaarbeurs COO

All across the event, attendees can find disinfection columns to sanitise hands, regular surface cleaning and hall ventilation. 

For more information on travel safety and event participation, visit the event’s official website.