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Bühler has recently launched optical sorting solution SORTEX S UltraVision for rice processors in Southeast Asia

BuhelrIn-built intelligence enables the sorter to make intuitive decisions about which grain is good and which grain should be rejected. (Image source: Bühler)

Addressing changing and challenging market and consumer requirements, the optical sorting solution significantly increases rice processors’ profitability, by allowing them to define the exact quality level for their rice in three steps, Bühler said.

The SORTEX S UltraVision also tackles critical industry issues like contamination. Contamination levels in rice are rising and defects becoming more subtle and, therefore, more difficult to detect. Processors also face the pressure to meet demand for many different levels of rice quality, including export standard.

Neil Dyer, global product manager for Buhler Sortex, said, “Existing optical sorting solutions restrict adjustment for defects without specific controls, so rice processors have been forced to compromise between meeting customer specifications or minimising reject — until now. The SORTEX S UltraVision revolutionises this.”

Designed and built in the UK, the SORTEX S UltraVision is Bühler’s highest ever capacity sorter for rice. It consists of up to six modules, a patented high capacity feed system and improved detection of defects.

In-built intelligence enables the sorter to make intuitive decisions about which grain is good and which grain should be rejected, while its specific defect detection capability allows processors to adjust their sensitivity for each of multiple defects, individually. They can now define the exact ‘accept’ levels necessary to meet their customers’ requirements — thus eliminating waste and boosting profit, the company added.

Ben Deefholts, Buhler Sortex Rice Specialist, said, “Until now, operators could not distinguish between different shades and have had to increase overall sensitivity in order to remove all subtle yellows, thereby also removing all subtle greys and ultimately reducing yield.”

Bühler is reportedly the only company delivering a fully-automated sorter.

“The all-new SORTEX S UltraVision forms part of Bühler’s wider range of next-generation high capacity, energy efficient ‘UltraLine’ rice processing equipment delivering outstanding productivity, coupled with lower running costs, to help rice processors improve the sustainability of their operations and maximise their revenue,” said Hamid Kefayati, MD of Buhler Sortex.